TestMaker Upgrade Module


Optional TestMaker Upgrade Module $19.95

A Great Tool For Instructors And Training Officers

The optional TestMaker Upgrade Module gives the user the ability to add an UNLIMITED NUMBER of additional chapters to the software.  These are empty chapters and do not contain any questions.  Instructors can pick and choose from the existing database of questions to make a very customized test, or they can write their own questions. You can also add pictures and even video to any question as well. Create an unlimited number of chapters using the Chapter Panel.

You can create new chapters, merge existing chapters, change the names of chapters, and add the questions of one chapter to the questions of another.  The TestMaker is a great tool for instructors and training officers, and it will save you hours and hours of time.

Do I need to order this software?  If you are using this software just for yourself and you are not a training officer or instructor, the answer is probably not.  The regular software gives you a variety of ways to create and print tests.  You can still add your own questions and edit, delete any of our questions. 

You just can not create customized tests where you can pick and choose which questions you would like included in your test.  This is a great feature for instructors, who can create an unlimited number of customized tests in a very short period of time.


  1. 1)Unlimited Number Of Tests Can Be Created.

2) Unlimited Number Of Chapters That Can Be Created Using The Chapter Panel.

3) The Ability To Add Images And Video To Questions.

4) The Ability To Print Out Images With The Questions.

5) Pick And Choose Questions From The Existing Database To Create A Very Customized Test.


The Chapter Panel on the main Table of Contents window lets you create new chapters and add them to the list of already existing chapters.  You can rename chapters, merge them, copy questions to another chapter or delete chapters.

The TestMaker Upgrade Module also allows you to add images to any question as well as video.  Windows uses AVI files, while Mac version use MOV files.

If you need to create a custom multiple choice test in a hurry, there is nothing easier than Knightlite’s TestMaker Upgrade Module.  Your time is valuable, and Knightlite makes it easier for you by making the test creation process painless and incredibly fast.  There is just nothing better available for the Mac and Windows PC.

The TestMaker Upgrade Module allows you to create custom tests with incredible speeds.  This handy tool just got a whole lot faster in the new Code III versions of our software.

Navigate to the question you would like to export, select your target chapter, and click add.  Your done! Navigate to the next question and click add again.  You can quickly create a customized test in which you choose the questions in the order you want them in. It takes literally a about 1 second to create a question.