Fire Fighter I Knots

Created By Tad Redway

Knightlite Software’s New Product Development Director” Tad Redway takes you step-by-step through each knot in an easy-t0-follow  format.  There is no better way to learn the knots you need to know for your Fire Fighter I Practical Exam.

DVD Contents

  1. -Introduction

  2. -Parts Of The Rope & Knot

  3. -Overhand Knot

  4. -Half Hitch

  5. -Clove Hitch

  6. -Figure 8

  7. -Figure 8 Follow-Through

  8. -Figure 8 On A Bight

  9. -Bowline

  10. -Sheet Bend

  11. -Raising An Ax

  12. -Raising A Pike Pole

  13. -Uncharged Hoseline

  14. -Charged Hoseline

  15. -Raising A Ladder

  16. -Conclusion

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Welcome to Knightlite Software’s new instruction DVD Fire Fighter I Knots. This is the first module in a series of instructional videos designed to help candidate firefighters successfully complete their Fire Fighter I practical tests.

Using digital video and step-by-step demonstrations, we will show you how to tie the eight basic fire fighter knots required by the NFPA skill sheets.  One of the most nerve-racking stations during your Fire Fighter I practical test, is the Ropes and Knots station. There are many firefighter candidates that would rather carry a three hundred pound dummy down a thirty-five foot ladder, on low-air and in a high wind, than to have to tie a Bowline during their practical test.

Often, many candidates don’t receive enough individual attention from their instructors, and the still photography in textbooks is often incomplete and sometimes causes more confusion than help.  Then again, some candidates just get psyched-out during their test because they have not built enough confidence in their skills.

This Video will show you how to tie the knots from different angles, on different objects and tools, and how to adjust for mistakes. We will also let you in on some of the shortcuts veteran firefighters use to tie knots easier and faster.

What is great about a DVD is that you can play the video over and over again in privacy on your computer or DVD player, and you can practice along with the Knightlite instructors, until you mastered each knot, and develop the confidence that will enable you to breeze through your practical test.

In the end we are dealing with just two pieces of simple rope. The trick to tying successful Fire Fighter I knots is to be smarter than the rope.


About The DVD

The DVD is divided into two sections. In the first section we cover the parts of the rope and knot.  We then show you how to tie each of the eight NFPA-required knots, complete with close-up shots of each knot being tied, not from the instructor’s perspective, but rather from your perspective. It is much easier to learn when you are presented instruction in the same perspective that you will be tying the knots.

Knightlite Software
Instructional Video Series

The second part of the DVD shows you the practical side of tying these firefighter knots.  We will show you the proper knots and techniques in order to raise a flat-head ax,  pick-head ax, pike pole, charged and uncharged hoseline, and finally a ladder.

Knightlite also provides you with some great shortcuts, and tips such as the Crossover Clove Hitch, and the Laying on Hands Clove Hitch, We even show you how to tie a Bowline with one hand. 

Over 50 minutes of detailed and personal instruction.  There is no better way to learn your Fire Fighter I Knots than Knightlite’s Fire Fighter I Ropes DVD.

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Created And Written By - Tad Redway

Directed By - Michael A. Giannaccio

Edited By - Michael A. Giannaccio,  James D. Redway, Michael D. Giannaccio

Photography - Visual Concepts of Morris, Connecticut

Original Music By James D. Redway

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Produced  At Knightlite By

Michael A. Giannaccio

James D.  Redway

Special Thanks To

Chief Paul J. Perrotti And The Middlebury Volunteer Fire Department

Middlebury, Connecticut.

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In Memory of Samantha Hazzard Capano